A Nation of Tea Drinkers

TeaTea has become a national passion and a pastime that is considered quintessentially English. We turn to tea when we want to socialise or console, refresh tired nerves, or to start the day. In fact there are few occasions when a nice cup of tea is not appropriate.

Over the centuries, tea has made its way through fields, across seas, out of the tea rooms, and into our homes and our hearts.

The tradition of brewing a bag of your favourite tea in times of crisis has become engrained in our routines and culture.

We drink more tea than any other nation on earth-except, surprisingly, the Irish!

The Irish generally prefer a hearty cup of strong traditional tea which is why Taylors of Harrogate, who produce a wide range of quality speciality teas, have blended the very best teas from Assam, Rwanda and Kenya to ensure their Irish Breakfast Tea matches the quality of teas served in the tea houses of Cork and Dublin. This tea is the perfect way to greet the morning, whilst its reviving, full-bodied taste will also be welcome at any time of the day.

Bewley’s – Ireland’s leading Tea Company

In 1835 Samuel Bewley and his son Charles dared to break the East India Company’s monopoly by importing 2,099 chests of tea on board the clipper ship The Hellas, the first ship chartered directly from Canton in China to Dublin. Remember, at this time, Ireland had yet to develop its thirst for tea.

The stakes were high and both men faced ruin if the tea could not be sold. Would tea find favour with the Irish?

Thankfully, the venture paid off handsomely and turned out to be more successful than either man could possibly have imagined, changing the taste of a nation and making Bewley’s a household name in Ireland.

Award Winning Bewley’s Gold Blend Tea

Bewleys-Gold-Blend-TeaThis refreshing, rich tea is Bewley;s Master Blender’s choice of the finest quality teas from around the world. Winner of 2 Gold stars at the Great taste Awards, Bewley’s Gold Blend is a blend of the finest quality teas carefully selected from around the world. Teas grown on the highest slopes of Mount Kenya bring a fresh, rich flavour. Tea from Assam in India adds an excellent, full-bodies character. Rwandan leaves finish the blend with glorious, deep golden colour. Crafted for supreme quality so you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea every time.

Bewley’s Irish Breakfast Black Tea (2 Cup tea bag) is an award winning brisk, refreshing tea with a bright golden colour, This Irish Breakfast Tea is an invigorating blend of high-grown Assam and Darjeeling teas. Harvested in India, its strong flavour is best accompanied by the addition of milk.

Bewley’s Irish Afternoon Tea is picked from the finest tea estates, east of the Rift Valley in Kenya. The gardens produce a tea that is brisk and very refreshing.

A great way to start the day!

Bewleys-Dublin-Morning-TeaBewley’s Dublin Morning Tea is an invigorating blend of African Teas which will ease you into your day as only an Irish cup of tea can.

The best way to make Bewley’s Tea is to warm the teapot, then add the required amount of tea bags. Pour on freshly boiled water, stir the tea bags and allow to settle for up to five minutes. Always stir before pouring.

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